Homescapes – All Important Aspects To Know About

Most of the games available for smartphone are good enough to enjoy the extra time with some fun. And you can find many games online that are best in all kind of it. Well, if you are also willing to know about a game that is good in gameplay and it can be played while traveling or in the extra time then try out puzzle games. Hack Lords Mobile 2018 can be the game that you are searching for. It is called as the best due to its awesome gameplay where you have to help the butler in renovation and decoration of his childhood home.

There is nothing hard to do as you need to match three or more tiles to remove them from the screen. It will help in earning coins and if you want to earn stars then complete the level in given time. It can be tough to do everything in the given time but you should focus on the tiles that are specified. If you are not able to progress well then the use of generator can provide Hack Homescapes Android. It is easy to renovate and decorate now.

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How To Play Well?

There are so many things to focus on Homescapes Game but if you don’t want to tackle with any issue then try to go for power ups. Now, you may be thinking that which one is best but try to focus on rocket because it is easy to create and help in many ways. If you are good enough to create a bomb then it can help. Every power up has its unique abilities and these are easy to create.

Rocket Power Up:

If you match four tiles in a row or column then it is easy to create a power up and when you tap on the rocket tile, it will clear the whole row or column. It depend on that how it was made of.

Bomb Power Up:

As you match five tiles in L shape then it will help in creating the bomb and it has some pros and cons. tap on it to destroy the tiles around it. However, if you are using it in corner then it won’t help much.

Paper Plane and Rainbow:

These are the powerful power ups and most of people try to create these but it isn’t easy as many think about it because you have to spend a little time in creating these. As you get four tiles in a square then a paper plane can be made. You can earn coins and stars with ease but if everything isn’t working well due to lack of lives then use generator to get free Homescapes lives with ease.

Final Words

In order to be the best gamer and collect lots of resources, you should spend a little time on creating power ups. If you are searching that how to Hack Homescapes Stars then don’t worry because there are many generators available online that can help in it.

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